Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 5 at the CCM

Hey Everyone!

It's hard to believe that my time here at the CCM is coming to an end. Our schedule gets pretty packed so I am hoping time goes by fast this last week. It has honestly been so fun here but I am super pumped to get out into the field! I feel like my Spanish is pretty good now so I am not too nervous to go out and start speaking it.  This last week here has been pretty packed with meetings and motivational type things to get us ready for the field.  I love all of your emails and look forward to reading them every week.  I won’t have a P-day the first week in the field but I am sure I will have a lot more to tell you on my first P-day.  One crazy thing that happened this week was my companion got hit in the face with a soccer ball so we took him to the enfermeria.  They decided that he needed to go the orthodontist so they sent us outside the walls! It was so awesome considering we have only been out there twice to go the temple. It was really cool to see other parts of this massive city.  The drivers here are absolutely insane and I thought I was going to die! While my companion was having his work done I totally sat there and watched the Olympics for an hour so that was super awesome.  We also saw some missionaries serving in Mexico City so we talked to them for a little bit and practiced our Spanish.  Well that was the only exciting thing this week. We have to pack our suitcases today and weigh them so I hope I can figure out where to put everything. I look forward to writing you all when I am out in the field!

Love Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill & Elder Ellis Toomer

Our district

One more week to go at the CCM!

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