Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 4 at the CCM

Hey Everyone!

Things are going great here in the MTC but I am kind of getting antsy to get out of here.  I have had some really awesome experiences here and can't wait to see what the mission field brings. It's crazy to think that I have been out for a month already - time is flying by. Last Thursday we had this thing called TRC.  What happens is they actually bring real people from outside the walls and let us practice teaching them.  It was the coolest thing ever to actually talk with real people who don't know a lot of English instead of talking to our teachers who are our fake investigators.  We get to do it one more time before we leave and I am really looking forward to it.    We had a super awesome devotional last night from Helaman Montejo. He is a member of the area seventy here.  He talked about always doing your work and respecting and collaborating with church leaders. It thought it was some really good advice. I got an email from my mission president today so that was pretty awesome!  He outlined what my first day is going to be like so that was pretty cool to see.  We have some Latinos living in our house and it super fun to talk with them and practice Spanish with them. It honestly helps so much.  This week wasn't too exciting so hopefully I will have more exciting news next week. I love hearing from all of you and hope to continue hearing from you.

Love Elder Merrill

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  1. I bet you are excited to get out there! Great job so far! That is fun that you got to practice on people from the "outside world" ha ha. Good luck!