Monday, January 2, 2017

I'm training!

Hey guys!  I am once again staying in Jonesboro but it's good
because I love it here.  And I will become a trainer this transfer!
I am so excited!  Elder Sweeten is going to be a zone leader and
our old zone leader, Elder Spencer, is coming to be my companion. 
We are going to train a new greenie together so I'll be in another
trio.  It should be really awesome!  Elder Spencer is an awesome
missionary.  I'm sad to see Elder Sweeten go but he is going to be
an awesome zone leader so I'm excited for him.  Elder Anaya is also
being transferred.  I will miss them both! 

So the baptism I told you about didn't end up happening.  She
dropped us a couple days after I talked to you.  It was rough. 
But we have started teaching this new family and they are awesome. 
It's a mom and a dad and two daughters.  They texted us last night
and said that they were reading the Book of Mormon as a family and
that they were loving it.  We are hoping to set a baptismal date with
them soon. They are golden!

Today I have been chilling in Little Rock all day at the mission office.
Elder Donahoo and I got up at 3:30 am this morning and drove down
here.  Haha - that was fun.  I will be in Little Rock until Wednesday for
the training meetings.  I really hope that I get a cool greenie.  We will get
back to Jonesboro Wednesday night.  A member is going to take us to get
steak when we get back.  It will be great! 

Well that is about all this week.  Nothing crazy exciting happened besides
teaching the new family and transfers.  Thanks for the pictures!  Tell everyone
I miss and love them. I hope y'all have an awesome week!  I love you guys!

Love Elder Merrill

From Elder Sweeten's mom Kay:
Just got my son's letter. He has so much love for the Jonesboro Elders. He misses
their association already. It is comforting to him that he knows they are separating
because they are on the Lord's errand and can expect the Lord to look after each of
them. It reminds me of the four sons of Mosiah, their love for each other, their love
for the Lord, and instead of a love for the Lamanites, these missionaries love the
people to whom they are called to serve in the ALRM

--Jonesboro District--
Elder Anaya, Elder Donahoo, Sister Missionaries,
& Elder Merrill & Elder Sweeten

Jonesboro Elders with Jon Boudrero

Elder Merrill & Elder Sweeten sharing the gospel

Searcy Zone Meeting

Elder Merrill with Elder Donahoo and Elder Anaya
at the Searcy Zone Meeting

 Elder Marriner Kaden Merrill

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