Monday, January 9, 2017

Piano jamming and a 20 oz steak

Hey guys!  I am so jealous of all the snow you guys have!  We
only have maybe 0.5 inches!  I can't believe you actually had a
snow day.  We also had a snow day this week, but it was caused
by only maybe one inch of snow.  We had to stay inside all day
because of it.  Arkansas is freaking out because of the snow.  It
is pretty dang funny to this Utah Elder. 

So training is awesome!  My greenie is sweet!  His name is Elder
Giles (pronounced Jiles).  He is from Kearns Utah, and he is a boss
at the piano.  I'm attaching a video of us jamming out.  Our district
here in Jonesboro is now is me, Elder Spencer, and Elder Giles as
the Spanish Elders.  Elder Donahoo and Elder Smith as the English
Elders.  And our sister missionaries are Sister Green, Sister Neville,
and Sister Tarpening.  We all get along pretty well so it's fun.

So not a lot happened this week.  I went to Little Rock on Monday
to get my other companion Elder Spencer and we stayed down there
until Wednesday for the training meetings.  When we returned to
Jonesboro a member took us all out to dinner.  He bought us each
a 20 oz. steak.  It was so awesome and I probably gained five pounds
but it was totally worth it.  The work was a little slow the end of the
week but it has been nice to have some down time and get to know
all our new companions and get them settled. 

Can you please send me a picture of my deer antlers?  Also - I now
really love cool looking socks now so you can send me some of those
anytime.  I hope that you all have an awesome week.  Love you!

Love Elder Merrill

Christmas card from the Jonesboro Missionaries we received this past week

The new ALRM missionaries and their trainers
Elder Merrill is on the back row - right end
Check out that big smile!  He is excited to be a trainer :)

2017 ALRM Mission Calendar

The new trio of Jonesboro Spanish Elders
Elder Spencer - Elder Merrill - Elder Giles

Elder Merrill and his 20 oz. steak 

Elder Merrill and Elder Giles jamming

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