Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I really don't have anything to write today
since we talked about everything yesterday.  It was so great to talk to you
and see everyone!  After we talked we went over to the Boudrero's.  We
had dinner and played games with their family.  They are so cool. 
As promised here are some pictures!  Love you all!

Love Elder Merrill

We loved Face Time with Elder Merrill on Christmas Day!
Best Gift Ever!!!

Merry Christmas from the Jonesboro District Missionaries!

Elder Sweeten, Elder Merrill, Sister Missionaries, Elder Anaya, Elder Donahoo

The Church is TRUE!

Christmas Dinner at the Boudero's home

I received a text from a Sister Green the other day. 
She sent this picture and said,
"Enjoy this picture of your wonderful son with my
children and Freddie.  He is doing great and is such a joy!" 

Road Kill Opossum

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