Monday, October 17, 2016

President Wakolo visits Jonesboro

Hey guys!  My new companion Elder Sweeten is awesome!  It has been 
super awesome to find out all of the ties we have in Cache Valley.  
Remember the guy we met in the Kater Shop who was going to the 
Bentonville Arkansas mission?  His name is Elder Pugmire and he is one 
of Elder Sweeten's best friends!  I saw him in the Mexico MTC the last week 
I was there.  Crazy small world right?!  This week was another good one. 
Elder Sweeten is a really hard worker so we are doing something all day long 
so that has helped a lot.  We have picked up a couple Spanish investigators so that's 
good.  It has definitely been an adventure teaching Elder Sweeten Spanish.  
President Wakolo came to Jonesboro this weekend.  He gave us some 
great advice for this next transfer.  We also had studies with him this morning 
and that was super awesome!  He is an amazing man.  I can't believe that I 
have already been out for 3 months!  It honestly feels like it has been 3 or 4 weeks!
Thanks for all that you guys do for me! 

Love Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill and the missionaries of Jonesboro were blessed to spend the weekend 
with President Wakolo.  President Wakolo texted us this picture last night and said this:
"Sister Wakolo and I had the privilege of worshiping with these great missionaries 
in Jonesboro.  Thank you for them.  They are on fire!  Best wishes!

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