Monday, October 10, 2016

Transfers and becoming a Spanish teacher

Things are going pretty good here.  This next transfer is going to be a lot
different than this last one.  Both of my trainers are leaving.  Elder
Moore is going to Batesville and Elder Santiago is going to Danville.
Also every other Elder's trainer is leaving as well. The only missionaries
that are staying here in Jonesboro are the three greenies that got here this
last transfer.  And to make things even crazier my new companion is an
English Elder which means while he finishes up my training, I am going
to have to teach him Spanish!  His name is Elder Sweeten and he is
from Nibley Utah!  So that's cool!  This is going to be interesting!

Everything else is really going great. We are teaching a lot of people and
still getting a lot of doors slammed in our faces. The joke here is that
whenever a door is slammed in your face here someone is baptized in
Mexico haha. :)  I am super happy I am staying here because Jonesboro
is awesome!  The members here are great as well.  The Boudrero's are
amazing and it is so fun to go and see them and talk about home - Logan. 

Something I have noticed this last week is how much your testimony gets
tested out here in the mission field.  The other day we had a discussion with
a man who really likes everything about "Mormonism."  He likes reading the
Book of Mormon and loves how the church is organized but his interest is
purely intellectual.  I sat there an thought about how important a testimony
is because this gospel literally makes no sense without a spiritual witness.
I know with a surety that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon
is the word of God.  It makes me sad to see families that don't have the gospel
in their life and don't want it either.  But every time I feel discouraged I just
think of everyone supporting me.  Thank you for all that you do for me. 
I wish I had more time to email but with all these exchanges happening today
we don't have a lot of time.  I love you guys!

Love Elder Merrill

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