Monday, June 12, 2017

Spur of the moment talk in Spanish

Hey guys!  This week was pretty average, nothing too amazing happened. 
Although church was pretty awesome yesterday.  I was the one translating 
in sacrament meeting for the people that were giving talks.  I learned that it 
is a whole lot easier to go from English to Spanish than it is from Spanish to 
English.  We sometimes have to translate for people who don't speak Spanish. 
Anyway, the people finished their talks early and the branch president turned 
to me and says, "Elder Merrill, can you give a talk to fill the time?" There was 
20 minutes left!  So I then gave a 20 minute talk in Spanish just on the fly!  It 
was actually a pretty awesome experience.  Everything to say just came to me!  
The theme for the day was pioneers so I talked about how we can be modern 
day pioneers by sharing the gospel.  I shared the story of Marriner Wood Merrill 
encountering Satan at the Logan Temple when he was the temple president.  I
bore testimony of how Satan will always try to stop us from sharing the gospel 
and helping the Lord's work progress.  After the meeting everyone told me it 
went really well and that it flowed pretty smoothly.  A few people came up to me 
and were like, "that guy's your Great-Grandpa?!  I have totally read that story 
before."  It was really cool and I am grateful for the spirit I felt in that meeting.  

Today we went disc golfing and mini-golfing for Elder Spencer's birthday.  It was 
fun as usual.  I love my district here in Memphis.  I am really going to miss Elder 
Spencer when he goes home next week.   Love you guys! 

Love Elder Merrill 

Elders Pickering & Elder Anaya, 
Hermana Petty & Hermana Keller 
Elder Merrill & Elder Spencer

Elder Spencer's mission funeral - he will complete his mission next week.

Final Zone meeting with President Wakolo
Benton Zone in Little Rock Arkansas
May 3, 2017

Elder Spencer's Birthday party

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