Monday, June 5, 2017

Graceland, Grotto and Great Artwork

Hello everyone!  This week was so great!  We seriously did
the coolest service project ever on Saturday.  We went and
helped make meals for the elderly at the FedEx Forum.  It was 
seriously a party.  We were there for about 6 hours doing
service.  They had a DJ and everything so we pretty much had
a six hour dance party.  Other than that the week was filled with
pretty normal missionary service.

But today was totally wicked!  We went to Graceland!  I asked
Grandpa Leishman if he could help us out with money last 
week and he said yes.  It was $62.50 per ticket and I really
wanted to take my companion Elder Spencer.  We went today
for P-day and it was seriously amazing.  We pretty much saw
everything.  We started with the mansion.  They gave us an 
iPad and we had a tour narrated by John Stamos.  We could
also watch vidoes and all the places.  It was awesome.  Then
we went and saw car, the records, the fashion, the bands
that Elvis influenced, and the movie section.  It was pretty much
a whole day listening to Elvis and looking at all of his stuff.  It was
absolutely amazing.

And the gospel is absolutely amazing!  
I am so blessed to be a missionary and share it!

Love Elder Merrill

This was from a church member there serving:

"The missionaries there worked themselves silly!  When I left the service 
project of putting together meals (Jambalaya, dried) for Seniors, they were 
at 205,000 meals.  Now...Your SONS carried 90% of those boxes with 48 meals 
in each box, the bags of lentils, rice, and dried veggies...not the supermarket bag...
the ginormous industrial bag.  They did so happily and were very, very efficient 
and represented the Church (and you, as their parents) with wonderfulness!!!"

The project ended up making a total of 503,000 meals!

Home of Elvis Presley
Elder Pickering, Spencer, Merrill & Anaya
ready to take on Graceland

So long Elvis.....

Some guy did these sculptures in a man made cave in the 1940's
and they are all about Christ's life.  The best part is that the whole thing
is in the middle of some random cemetery.  It's just kind of weird.

Elder Merrill & Spencer, Hermana Petty & Keller, Elder Anaya & Pickering

And the artwork of the 
Elder Merrill continues...

I received this from Elder Pickering's mom this week:

"So, three pics of your son...Elder Anaya's marvelous work,
Elder Pickering learning how to draw from Elder Anaya,
and Elder P's mom (me) wanting to get in on it...Haha!"


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