Monday, May 1, 2017

Super Crazy Awesome Thunderstorm

Hey guys!  We had a super crazy and awesome thunderstorm that
hit Little Rock on Saturday.  During the night it knocked the power
out.  We were without power for about 24 hours.  So that made for
an interesting Sunday.  Since the power was out in our building we
moved church to the Pinnacle Mountain Building across town.  Our
Spanish branch joined the English ward there.  It is the smallest ward
building here so with our branch and the English ward we were packed
in like sardines - haha.  We also had to translate so that brought back
some good memories from my Jonesboro days.  I tried to take a video
of the storm so you could here the thunder.  It seriously sounded like
a roaring lion at times. 

Despite the crazy storm this week was pretty average.  We had another
rainy day on Tuesday so we went to into various stores and were able
to talk to like a ton of Hispanics.  We learned that it is a lot easier to
find Hispanics shopping in stores than in their homes.

The Spanish missionaries from Jonesboro came to Little Rock for a
day to go on exchanges with the zone leaders.  So that meant I got to
see Elder Giles again.  It was so awesome to hang out with him again.

It is so crazy that a year ago at this time I opened my mission call!  I
seriously remember it like it was yesterday. That was an amazing night
that definitely changed my life.

I am seriously so excited to talk to you all on Mother's Day!  We will
make plans this Sunday and I'll let you know where we can Skype from.
Hopefully everything will go smoothly.  You guys are awesome and I
love you so much.  I hope you have a great week.

Love Elder Merrill

The Little Rock Spanish District
Elders Jorgensen, Sweeten, Santiago, Merrill & the Sisters

Elders Santiago, Smalley, Giles & Elder Merrill
at the Little Rock Capitol Building

Elder Giles & Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill & Elder Giles
on a large eagle statue in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas

Elder Merrill at the Little Rock Zoo

A video of the crazy awesome
thunderstorm with roaring lion thunder

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