Monday, May 8, 2017

I'm going to Memphis!

Hey guys!  I finally made it to Memphis!  I am serving with Elder
Spencer again.  We both trained Elder Giles in Jonesboro if you
didn't remember.  I'm pretty excited.  He goes home at the end of
this transfer so it should be pretty fun.  Yes - Elder Giles is taking
my place - he's headed to Little Rock to be companions with Elder
Santiago.  I have loved Little Rock but I'm super excited to go serve
on the Tennessee side of the mission in Memphis!

Besides transfers this last week wast pretty normal.  It was a good
last week here in Little Rock.  Nothing really out of the ordinary
happened.  We had a really awesome lesson with our top investigator. 
Every lesson he just asks a billion questions and they are all about the
doctrine of Christ.  It is so much better than answering questions like
"how many wives do you want?"  But of course those questions are
always entertaining.

On Friday we went and walked around downtown Little Rock and had
for dinner.  It was so fun. The video will explain what happened. Haha.
It was amazing. 

My new address is:
3305 W. Monticello Cir.
Memphis, TN 38115

Thanks for everything.  The church is true! 

Love Elder Merrill

This is worth watching!
Elder Merrill loves serving in the South!

Elder Merrill, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Santiago & Elder Sweeten
Book of Mormon reading & dinner with a family in Little Rock

Elder Kaden Merrill & Elder Connor Jorgensen


The ALRM missionaries always armed with a
blue Book of Mormon everywhere they go

Transfer Day - May 8, 2017
Elder Merrill is going to Memphis, Tennessee

Good-bye Elder Santiago

Loading and unloading the trailer of missionary luggage and bikes

Memphis, Tennessee

Elder Spencer (on the right) waiting for his
new companion - Elder Merrill - to arrive in Memphis from Little Rock

Elder Merrill with ? and Elder Spencer and Elder Pickering

Elder Merrill excited to see Elder Anaya again! 

Elder Merrill, Elder Spencer and Elder Anaya
Memphis Spanish District Missionaries

Elder Merrill by the Memphis Tennessee Temple

Elder Merrill sending P-day emails from his IPad after arriving in Memphis

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