Monday, May 15, 2017

First week in Memphis

Hey guys!  My first week in Memphis was really great!  I was able
to meet all of our top investigators.  We have 5 people with baptismal
dates right now and they are all super solid.  They are all with families
as well so that's so awesome.  This should be a great transfer.  Elder
Spencer and I are getting along great so that is awesome.  This first
week flew by so I'm kind of afraid this transfer will be over super fast. 
This is kind of sad because quite of few amazing ALRM missionaries
will return home.  I can't even believe I will hit 10 months out this week!  

So Skype was super awesome yesterday!  I still cant believe that it was
only 5 months ago we talked before.  The boys are getting so big which
makes me sad but oh well - I'm so glad to be out here serving and know
that everyone is doing well back home.

The Spanish Branch here in Memphis is so awesome.  We have some
sweet members so it should be a good time.  The weather is starting to
warm up quite a bit so I should be sweating off some weight soon.

A funny thing in Memphis is this thing called the Memphis walk.  People
seriously just weave in between cars while crossing the middle of the road
like 30 feet behind a crosswalk at a street light, I will try to get a video this
week to show you because it is pretty hilarious.  We also have this awesome
Statue of Liberty statue really close to our apartment. 

New apartment address:
3305 W. Monticello Circle Apt. 3
Memphis, TN  38115

We went to the Memphis zoo today and it was awesome!  They even had a
panda!  We spent like 4 hours there and I took a lot of pictures for you. 

Well that's about all I can think of that happened this week.
Thanks for everything.  I love you all!

Love Elder Merrill


Elder Merrill, Elder Spencer, Sister Keller, Sister Petty, Elder Anaya, Elder Pickering

Elder Merrill

Elders Spencer, Pickering, Merrill & Anaya

Missionary Fun

Sisters Petty & Keller, Elders Spencer, Merrill, Anaya & Pickering

Awesome Statue of Liberty by my apartment

We were all so excited to talk to Kaden!

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