Monday, April 24, 2017

Prayers are answered!

Hey guys!  First of all - Thanks for all of your prayers of safety. 
I kinda got bumped by a car this week on my bike.  It could have
been a lot worse.  Talk about blessings.  Nothing really happened
except I bent my rim a little on my back tire.  I was going pretty
fast down a hill to gain speed to go up the next hill.  A lady pulled
up to a stop sign between the two hills.  I was sure that she looked
right at me and I thought we made eye contact.  But I guess she didn't
see me and she started to go right when I got the intersection.  She
bumped my back tire but I didn't even fall off my bike. All is well. 
I called a bike shop and they said they could probably straighten out
my rim since I could still ride it.  I took it in and the guy fixed it for
free because he said he couldn't get it perfect.  It works for now but
he said in the future it will probably bend again a little and I will have
to buy a new rim.  It was crazy. 

This week was pretty average.  It was walk week so a little hot.  That is
why I was on my bike this week.  We have a new awesome investigator
that we are working with right now.  His name is Jose Torres.  He seriously
asks us the hardest questions ever.  It is awesome though.  He says that we
are the only people that have been able to give him answers to his questions
that make sense.  I know that this is because of the spirit.    

We have had a great P-Day so far.  We went to the big dam bridge and
walked across it.  Then we  played sand volley ball.  It was pretty sweet. 

Thanks again for your prayers.  I know they were answered regarding my
safety.  I know the Lord hears and answers our prayers everyday.  The Lord
is always mindful of each of us.  Have a great week! 

Love Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill & Elder Santiago at church

Elder Merrill at the big dam bridge

Lots of ALRM Elders by the big dam bridge

On the big dam bridge

P-Day Sand Volleyball in Little Rock


  1. Dang! Spencer has had two pretty big bike accidents and walked away from both of them. Angels are watching over these boys!

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