Monday, April 17, 2017

Playing volleyball with the President

Hey guys!  This week was really great!  We were able to set
another baptismal date!  It is so awesome to finally start to see
success in this area.  We had interviews with President Wakolo
this week.  I always love to talk with him.  He is a spiritual giant.
It is awesome to think he will soon be a General Authority.  And
to think I have talked with someone who will someday be talking
at General Conference is pretty cool too. 

For P-day today we went up to the Old Mill and it was so awesome!
You should look it up on google maps. We took some sweet pics.

Also President Wakolo came and played volleyball with us today.
It was so cool.  I think it's pretty awesome to say that I have played
volleyball with a General Authority.   

Thank you so much for the Easter package - You guys are the best!
I especially loved the little Christus statue you sent.  It sits on my
desk now.  I am so grateful everyday for my Savior Jesus Christ and
for his atonement.  Love you guys!

Love Elder Merrill

P-day Volleyball game with President Wakolo

Elder Merrill is in the red shorts and white shirt


Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill
Elder Jorgensen
Elder Sweeten

Little Rock Elders on a Log
Elder Merrill - Elder Sweeten - Elder Edwards - Elder Santiago - Elder Jorgensen 

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