Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy 19th Birthday!

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!  You guys are
awesome!  All and all things are going pretty good right
now!  Being a district leader is really awesome.  It isn't
much different from being a normal missionary other
than I have more responsibility now.  I instruct our district
meetings and on Sunday nights I call all of the missionaries
in my district to get their numbers for the week and see how
they are doing.  It really has been amazing to witness how
everyone is succeeding around me.  A phrase jumped out at
me in my patriarchal blessing the other day that says, "you
will have the privilege of seeing success in your laborers." 
I have definitely been able to see that lately and it has been
such a testimony builder for me. Whether I am the one teaching
a person or some-one else is doing the teaching it is so awesome
to see the change that happens in people as they make progress
towards coming closer to Heavenly Father. 

It has been really awesome having a native companion.  He is a
hard worker and he has definitely helped my Spanish.  Our rule
is that when we are outside our apartment we only speak Spanish
to help me learn.  And when we are inside we only speak English
to help him because he is trying to learn English.  For my birthday
today we are going to the Clinton library and museum.  I'm pretty
excited because they have an awesome Beatles exhibit on display
right now.  Thanks again for everything!  I love you guys!

Love Elder Merrill

Elder Gonzales & Elder Merrill


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