Monday, February 6, 2017

6 month tie burning

Hey guys!  This week was pretty normal.  The beginning of the week
wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  On Wednesday we had another
zone meeting which was really good.  They challenged us all to never
give out a closed Book of Mormon, or in other words to always share
a scripture first.  Then after the zone meeting Elder Spencer and I went
on exchanges in Little Rock.  It was really fun.  We taught and talked
in Spanish the whole time which was super cool.  We don't really get to
teach a lot in Spanish in Jonesboro.  That is probably the only  thing that
I really don't like a lot about being in Jonesboro.  

We get our next transfer emails on Saturday.  I hope I get to stay here
at least one more transfer to finish training Elder Giles.  On Saturday
we went out and visited our top investigator, Abbey.  She is the grand-
daughter of Floyd, a member who has started to come back to church
after 60 years of being inactive.  We had an awesome lesson about prayer. 
She expressed that it was still kinda weird to her to pray because she has
hardly ever done it.  While we were there Floyd totally opened up us and
he bore his testimony.  It was amazing.  The spirit was present and was
really strong.  Abbey definitely had a change of heart about prayer.

Church was really good yesterday.  A missionary just returned to the ward
and we got to know him a little bit.  He seems like an awesome guy.  He
said that he wants to come out with us all the time so that will be sweet. 
We also had a baptism in the ward of a member's little boy.  It was really
awesome to be there and feel of the spirit.  After the baptism we had dinner
with a family in the ward that is really awesome. The dad served in the Brasilia,
Brazil Mission.  In his last area he baptized a woman who he ended up marrying. 
They are awesome and dinner was amazing.  The wife's sister is coming to live
with them in a couple weeks.  She is the only person in their family who is not a
member so they want us to go teach and baptize her!  It will be sweet.

It's crazy to think that my birthday is the end of this month!  I'm getting old.
Thanks for everything, I love you guys!

Love Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill burning a tie! 
Tradition when missionaries hit the 6 month mark

Elder Spencer, Elder Giles & Elder Merrill

The Elders by a Jonesboro member's Tesla.
They were lucky enough to get to ride in it too. 

A Datsun 210. 
Elder Merrill saw this car and had to take a
picture for his dad who used to drive a blue one. 

Sad suit pant casualty. 
The culprit - A nail sticking out of a table 
Solution - mail them home for mom to fix

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