Monday, December 5, 2016

When you put the Lord first everything falls into place

Hey ya'll! 

This week was crazy - but it definitely taught me one thing: 

When you put the Lord first everything falls into place. 

We moved from our apartment on Tuesday into a members
old home with the English Elders.  It's been great!  It is super
nice living in a house.  And on top off the move we also did
10 hours of service. We literally felt like we had no time to
proselyte with everything else going on. But looking back at
the numbers for this week you would think we had a normal
average week!  It was amazing! 

Today for lunch we cooked up some deer a member gave us. 
Apparently you can shoot like 6 deer here in Arkansas so he
had a ton of Whitetail.  It tasted a little different than what I
have eatenbefore, but it was pretty dang good. We breaded it
and fried it up.  Yum!

Our big focus right now is the church Christmas video and
activities on  It is really awesome and all of
you should go check it out if you haven't had the chance to
yet.  We went to the church and watched the First Presidency
Christmas Devotional last night.  It was so awesome!  I love
this time of year and the opportunity it gives us to think more
about our Savior Jesus Christ.  He loves each of us!

Things are still going great here in Jonesboro Arkansas!
Time is flying by and I am enjoying each and every day. 
I wish you all the best!

Love Elder Merrill

Elder Merrill - the red-nosed Missionary!

Crazy Elder Merrill & Elder Anaya

Jonesboro District getting Haircuts! 
Grateful to members who share their talent of this
service to keep these missionaries looking their best! 

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