Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And he's off....


July 19th was finally here.  Elder Merrill was set-apart as a missionary the night before.  It was a very special experience for our family.  After he was set-apart we finished packing and tried to sleep.  We got up about 5:00am and left our home in Logan to head to the SLC airport about 5:45am.  On our way to the airport there was an amazing surprise for Elder Merrill.  This could be seen on a bridge over the I-15 freeway just before North Ogden.  His friends Brian, Emma and Saranie got up even earlier than us to put up this display.  We pulled over to the side of the road to get out for a moment and let a teary-eyed Kaden wave to his friends once again. 

Arriving at the Salt Lake City Airport about 7:30am

The Merrill Kids
Good thing Elder Merrill had 3 suitcases - one for each brother

Right before check-in - Let's do this!

He can't believe this day is finally here

Patiently waiting while we talk and talk and talk

Proud parents of Elder Merrill

We got to hang out with Kaden for an hour or so before he went through security. 
We were surrounded by missionaries.  Some coming from the Provo MTC to catch flights
and a big group of missionaries headed to the Mexico MTC with Kaden. 
It was so awesome to be there with all of them and feel of their amazing spirit. 
There were over 40 missionaries on that flight to Mexico. 
There were very little tears shed this day - and a lot of excitement! 

Sydnee is really going to miss him

ok - there were a few tears. 

Elder Merrill & Elder Ellis Toomer

Elder Toomer is my friend Jennie Johnson's cousin.  He is from Cokeville, WY and
received the exact same mission call as Kaden.  We were able to meet Ellis at Bear Lake
a couple weeks prior to their mission departure day.  I think each of them were so grateful
for the blessing of a familiar face this day.  They will both be amazing missionaries. 

Off to learn & serve

See ya in 2 Elder Merrill

Missionaries headed to the Mexico MTC

As we were getting ready to leave the airport I received a text message from an
unknown number.  I opened the message and found this picture.  Thank you to
whoever sent this to us that day - probably a lucky person who was on this flight
full of missionaries.  So excited for all of them and the amazing adventure the
Lord has in store for each of these missionaries. 

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